Colega de Medellin


Anuska said...

Shöne Farben!

Anuska said...

Ich hatte vergessen Dir zu fragen. Gehören Botero die Skulpturen?

Lara said...

where do you find all these people? I could write a novel about them!

Miguel Angel Servellón said...

Hola, lamentablemente estuve fuera un buen rato de la red, pero es bonito encontrarme de nuevo con tu excelente trabajo.

Ratzfatz said...

Gracias a ustedes,
Ganz genau! Die Skuplturen sind von Botero. Er wurde in Medellin geboren, daher verehrt man ihn dort auch besonders.
Buen ojo, Anuska!

in the street! Open your mind and open your eyes. But you have to know, that I love the street live and to catch the moments of live! ;-)

Lara said...

yeah, you see, I don't like taking photos of people. I just don't see the beauty, the life, the excitement you capture... for whatever reason this happens... My friendly envy - but you are right you must love them in order to picture them :).