Rock fan II.


T. Becque said...

Nice picture of life. Again, great tones! Do you mind if I ask what you use to achieve this?

Lara Neusiedler said...

rock and literature: always a great combination ;)! [off topic: ich will den Hinweis :D]

The Photophile said...

Really nice photo! A real slice of life.

Your style of photography would really be enhanced by shooting on b&w film, maybe a Nikon or Leica. You have a good "street" eye. I'm not sure what you use now, but there is a look and feel to film that is somewhat raw and down to earth that just enhances street photography.

For landscapes stick to digital.

Hope you don't mind me giving "advice".

John said...

A nice 'slice of life' on the streets; the band do not seem to pulling a big audience.

Anuska said...

La imágen me hace reir. Debe resultar difícil leer escuchando rock!!

Pero lo que más me gusta es eso de "La carreta literaria". Fantástico.
Muy buena la luz!
Ich stelle mir vor dass Beethoven está casi recuperado!

Ratzfatz said...

Gracias a todos:
Pienso en Beethoven & Rock!! hahaha Tal vez si ;)

@T & @ Lara.
There is no secret. I use PS CS3 and I bought me in the last year a filter package by Nik Software. For the b&n I use the filter in the link:
I am very happy with the filter, Nik ofer some video tuts as well. Good stuff ....

I use FF (d5)by Canon. I was thinking about the M9 ... this year and it was a long fight with my self. There is a lof of Pros to use this kind of cam. I love the cam ... and I think the cam is very sexy and very cool .... even more significantly are the cons. I don't have the M9 now and I think, I will never buy it :).
I LOVE Street photography ...

a Rock concert in a Salsa and Merengue area ... is not easy thing :)