Hielo en el verano


T. Becque said...

Interesting shot. It's sweet how the two are holding hands at a street filled with yellow cars, and how they are alone on their side of the street but the other side is very busy with people. Nice composition to capture this.

By the way, yes Tucson has lots of Mexican/Spanish influence so our architecture reflects that.

Lisergic Synaesthesiae said...

Ms. Becque perfectly described this. When a shot conveys similar thoughts means that has captured the moment. So is so full of contents.

I really like how the people on the other side stare a you.

Greeting from Rome =)

Anuska said...

Hombre madurito con "morenita" joven. Creo que el no necesitará el hielo!!!

Otra forma de ver la foto ja ja!!

Anonymous said...

ojo el de la camisa a rayas ha cogido unos cubitos, los tiene en el bolsillo¡¡¡¡


Ratzfatz said...

Gracias a todos!

que bueno que vuelvas por aqui!
.... hahahahah! La verdad es, la morenita es mas o menos ... decimos menos una jovencita :) ....
El hielo ayuda tambien por los amorosos de >30, seguro
Un beso

Lara Neusiedler said...

hehe. nice shot. and thanks for all your comments. they mean a lot, and I try to learn at every step.

°AcidRain° said...

jajaja que ironia!