"A gain or loss an available-for-sale finanical asset shall be recognised directly in equity, through the statement of changes in equity (see IAS 1 Presentation of Financial Statements), except for impairmant losses (see §§ 67-70) and ...."
en dos dias ...... ayyyy Dioooosssss mioooooooo Posted by Picasa

hombre en hielo ... Man in Eis Posted by Picasa

Frauenkirche, München Posted by Picasa

Los actores ... Schauspieler Posted by Picasa

Shakiras Bar en München ... (?) Posted by Picasa

Rocken Roll en München Posted by Picasa

Rocken Roll en München Posted by Picasa

retrato en el metro ... Porträt in der U-Bahn Posted by Picasa

Tinto, Sol y -7C ... Café, Sonne und -7C Posted by Picasa

parqueadero de mujeres = Frauenparkplatz Posted by Picasa

no se ..mmh ... pero me gusta/ weiß nicht so genau, hat mir aber gefallen Posted by Picasa

3 ways Posted by Picasa

tio Otto, Hamburgo Posted by Picasa

a la izquierda ... nach links Posted by Picasa

El torre Astra en Hamburgo Posted by Picasa

No creo! ...  Posted by Picasa

Sueños en la noche ... Posted by Picasa

Calle en München ... Posted by Picasa

esquimal en el metro de München ... Eskimo in der U-Bahn von München Posted by Picasa

Chimenea falsa ... falscher Kamin, München 2005 Posted by Picasa